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Sigg Water Bottle

Written by green1 on May 23rd, 2008 | Filed under: General Information

In a recent contest on lifegoogles.com, I won a couple of free Green products. One of them is a Sigg water bottle. Granted winning a water bottle is not the most exciting event known to man but it’s worthy of a short post. If you look at Sigg’s website you can learn about how their bottles are doing a small part in reducing the use of plastic bottles. Their site has some really cool looking water bottles,  take a look at some of the cool designs.

Green Water Bottle

My new bottle has replaced my stainless steel drinking cup since the lid prevents my 2 year old from spilling my water. The bottle also travels with me during the day, now I just need a larger version since I drink about a gallon of water a day. Thumbs up to Sigg for producing a product that will reduce waste!

5 Responses to “Sigg Water Bottle”

  1. I actually quite like that bottle! You were actually one of only two people to win more than one prize, we had 1,500 entries and 86 prizes so that’s random selection for you!

  2. Joel, the bottle is great! I’m still waiting for a review from my sister on the other gift that I won. Since it was a bag of spa items, I offered it to my wife, my mother and my sister with one term: you have to write a short review on each product. My wife and mother declined and my sister took me up on the offer.

  3. First of all Congrats! for winning - it is always fun to win something :)

    As for Sigg, they are definitely a good company for getting into the “get rid of plastic water bottles” program and being more eco friendly.
    I am just still a little skeptical of what their “secret” ingredient is that makes up their liner that coats the aluminum bottle.
    I tried researching it, but it is top secret due to their patent.
    But it is good to hear you are satisfied with the bottle as I dropped plastic water bottles months ago and have since been researching alternatives while I use a reusable glass bottle.

  4. Evita, I’m not sure what the coating is. I generally drink out of a stainless steel bartenders mixing cup (the thing you shake up drinks in). The Sigg water bottle gives me the same taste as my stainless steel cup (none).

    I figured that you would uncover the “secret ingredient” Time to work your magic (referring to your clorox research).

  5. Hi Evita/Joel - I agree with Evita - I work for greenhome.com, and we’ve asked Sigg to tell us what that secret ingredient coating is on their bottles - but they wouldn’t tell us! So we won’t list them on greenhome. Instead we sell all stainless steel bottles made by Klean Kanteen - check them out, they are great for reducing disposable cups/plastic bottles, and have no secret ingredients!

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