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Green Home Improvements .info is written by Charles Faust. Charles has been in the home improvement industry since the early 1990's and has owned his own company for a little over 10 years. This blog was created to show Charles' efforts in making his lifestyle more "Green" and how his product selections for his clients are becoming "Greener".

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If you have a green blog or green forum that you would like to promote on our site, feel free to leave comments they tend to generate traffic.

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If you website or blog exists just to sell stuff then you might be interested in placing a paid ad. The first rule is that your site must sell Green products. We have no interest in running ads for tanning products, tires, sun glasses, or any other non green products. If you would like to send us a sample of your product, we would be more than happy to review it and post an article about the product for FREE! This offer excludes crappy sample sizes like a sample of shoe polish that runs out after one shoe. A good example would be a new Toto toilet with the twin flush option.

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If your company sells green products and you are able to write a 400-700 word article on how your type of product benefits the environment and helps homeowners let us know.

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