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Garden in Planter Update

Written by green1 on Jun 9th, 2008 | Filed under: Gardens, Inside and Outside, green projects

This spring we started a vegetable garden in above ground planters for the first time.  We got the idea from a lady with a green thumb and went crazy on our green project.  Over the first few weeks it seemed like nothing wanted to grow, like a new mother, I checked my plants growth progress at least twice a day.  After the first few weeks I just grew used to the fact that I would have to water the plants and if they produced food I was just lucky.  The first signs of progress came when I noticed a couple of my tomato plants leaning over like they needed support.  To my surprise a bunch of little tomatoes caused the plants to lean over.

Vegetable Garden in Planters

A quick trip to our local garden center provided the tomato plants with the ugly looking wire supports that they needed.  Now the only problem was that the supports that were 4′ tall caused my plants to look small again.  Oh well, at least they were producing food.  My 2 year old daughter now makes it a daily routine to inspect her “baby tomatoes”, she likes to show me everyone.  I can’t imagine how long this process will take once our pepper plants start to have their own little babies.

Tomatoes Grown in Planters

Today we moved our garden (remember everything is grown in portable containers) to the side of our home since it is getting more sun than the front of our home.  My neighbors will hopefully be pleased with the jungle missing from our front yard since they never believed me when I said that the plants were flowers.


If you are looking for a fun filled green project, it is not to late to start your own garden in a few planters.  For tips please check out the link in the first paragraph.  If you have already started a similar project, please leave a comment with a link to your website.

Starting Seeds a Green Home Improvement

Written by green1 on Apr 27th, 2008 | Filed under: Gardens, Inside and Outside

A few weeks ago we got a small package from my aunt and uncle who live in Maine. Inside the package were 8 envelopes full of seeds and a packet of information about each of the plants. With a quick trip to our local home center we ended up with enough starting trays for 250 plants. It took us about an hour to fill the organic seed trays with potting soil and to plant the seeds. After one week we noticed that about 70% of the seeds were now plants with the Scarlett Runners towering over the other plants.

Green Seed Packets

The seeds included; Morning Glory’s, Zinna Lavender, Scarlet Runners, Mixed Marigold, Zinna Mixed, and Orange Marigolds.

If you are interested in starting your flowers in the organic trays be sure to save the frame and roof so you can use them again next year. The “house” is a great way to provide the seedlings a warm moist home until they sprout up a couple of inches. With the clear roof your seedlings will be able to collect enough sunlight. One thing to keep in mind is that seedlings like to grow toward the sun and they will grow sideways if they don’t have light directly over them. We moved ours outdoors after one week and now they are growing upwards.

Green Seedlings In Organic Trays

Be careful when you pick your potting soil, mine contained to many chunks of mulch and not enough soil. These chunks prevented me from packing the soil tight enough so some of the trays are only half filled with soil. For another project I used Miracle Grow potting soil and I had much better luck.

If you decide to start your own garden this year put some thought into savings the seed for next year. If you have enough extra seeds they make a great gift for family and friends. It’s hard to measure the amount of enjoyment these seeds have given us in the past couple of weeks and they are not even flowers yet! Thanks, Aunt Susan and Uncle Bob.