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Recycle Your Sofa With The Help of Slipcovers

Written by green1 on Mar 3rd, 2009 | Filed under: green projects

Recycle Your Sofa

It always amazes me when I see an unwanted couch left in the street with the garbage, destined for landfill.  Unfortunately, in today’s disposable society, it’s all too common for people to throw out perfectly usable sofas and chairs just because the pattern is no longer fashionable or the color doesn’t match their newly decorated walls.

This is where slipcovers come in.  Slipcovers are a green option because they can extend the life of old furniture, saving it from landfill.  I don’t know exactly how much energy is used to manufacture and deliver a new sofa, but I imagine a sofa’s carbon footprint to be quite high.  By using a slipcover on your old furniture, you can give your room a smart new look and do your bit for the planet at the same time.

surefit-riverstone-organic-cotton-slipcover Recycle Your Sofa With The Help of Slipcovers

Having a “make do and mend” philosophy is a big part of an eco-friendly lifestyle, but having said that, we all like our homes to be inviting and to look nice.  We don’t really want tatty-looking furniture on show.  Slipcovers are a good compromise as they can “mend” the problem of faded, stained or worn upholstery, saving you the unnecessary cost of buying new furniture.

Of course, new slipcovers aren’t made from recycled materials and have their own carbon footprint. However, given the alternative of disposing of a sofa or armchair, using slipcovers is the greener option for the house-proud environmentalist.  It’s encouraging to see that one of the leading slipcover companies, SureFit, has introduced a range of organic slipcovers- which makes them an even greener choice.  I know how hard it can be to furnish your home using fabrics made from purely natural or organic materials, so this is a welcome step in the right direction.

surefit-aspen-organic-cotton-slipcover Recycle Your Sofa With The Help of Slipcovers

These slipcovers are made from washable, 100% organic cotton and are easy to fit over your existing upholstery.  They have a straight skirt style, with decorative ties at the front of each arm.  The Aspen is in a solid color, either linen or sage, while the Riverstone has a striped pattern in a choice of blue or brown.  Currently they are only available in sofa and loveseat sizes, but I hope SureFit extends the range in the near future to include sizes to fit other furniture, such as armchairs and recliners.

Another plus point is that these SureFit slipcovers are priced fairly, so they are no more expensive than their non-organic counterparts.  So, if you want an affordable and environmentally kind way to give your room a makeover, why not consider using slipcovers to give your seats a green new look?

Note- This article was submitted by:  Caroline Smith

Tree House - A Perfect Solution to Entertain Kids of All Ages

Written by green1 on Jun 24th, 2008 | Filed under: Decks and Decking, green projects

Over the past week I’ve been working on a tree house type of raised deck for my family.  Since my 6 year old is at a stage where she loves watching TV and playing on the computer the tree house is a way to get her out of the house to enjoy some fresh air.  You might be wondering how a tree house has anything to do with “green home improvements”?   Here are the benefits for our family so far and the tree house is not even done yet;

-No more “daddy, what’s on TV”, instead I hear “daddy can we play in the tree house”.

-No more “daddy, can I play on the computer”, instead I hear “daddy can I help you in the tree house”.

-No more “daddy, look at the the _____on the TV”, instead I hear “daddy look at the squirrels” or “daddy look at the swans”(we live on a lake).

The tree house gives our kids a reason to get out of the house and away from the TV/computer.  This saves a little electricity since we have a bunch of solar powered lights in our backyard that provide light for them to play long after dark.  The tree house provides us with a place to relax while we enjoy the fresh air with the birds, squirrels, and wildlife on our lake.

I will post some pictures once the project is completed but here are some pictures for the crowd over at Yahoo Answers.

Tree House Keeping the Joist Away From the LimbsTree House Cutting decking around a limb

Tree House During Construction