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Searching For Solar Power Part Two

Written by green1 on Mar 31st, 2008 | Filed under: General Information, Low Cost Tips For Saving Energy, Solar Power

See searching for solar power part #1

My search for solar power continues, this is part 2 of hopefully a bunch of articles about my switching over to solar power. Last week I mentioned my interest in a Solio solar powered charger and today I bought one. I will post my results in a couple weeks once I am able to fully charge it a few times and test how many things I can charge with it. Of course today was raining and the sun was hiding so I took a few pictures in my kitchen.Solio Solar Powered Charger

As you can see, the Solio solar powered charger comes complete with a wide assortment of attachments for most of the small devices that it can charge. It also comes with a wall charger for any cheaters that want to charge it at home. The unit itself is very rugged and while I am not going to drop it, I am sure that it would survive a fall. The thought of me being able to use the sun to charge my phones, GPS, and my Palm Pilot is exciting! This solar charger will have a place on all of my camping and sailing trips.

Solio Solar Powered Charger Hand Size

As you can see, the Solio solar powered charger fits in the palm of you hand. While you could walk around with a solar powered charger in your pocket, I might suggest leaving it out in the sun so it can charge. If you are looking for a portable solar panel you can use this link for a discount: Take 10% of at Solio.com today! Use coupon code: EcoGift10