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Earth Day Extended Because I forgot

Written by green1 on Apr 22nd, 2008 | Filed under: General Information, Go Green Baby Steps

Most of the green blogs that I visit have been spreading the word about Earth Day for the past month.  A month ago April 22nd was about a month away…………………..about 2 hours ago I figured out that today is April 22nd.  I admit that I seldom think of what day it is or at times even what month it is.   My promptness depends on events being in my PDA or people e-mailing me reminders.  The funny thing is that I never miss business appointments, family events  or social functions so long as I key them into my PDA.

In my feeble effort to repent for forgetting about Earth Day, I have decided to officially extended Earth Day.  From this day forth Earth Day is now everyday excluding Christmas.  I excluded Christmas for the religious people and the people who like to create landfills of garbage on that special day.  When you think about it, who really cares about the earth when you have piles of gifts in front of you?  Now that I have granted you one day off a year you can focus on the other days and what you can do to make our earth a nicer place.

Earth Day

The picture is from a site called http://www.care2.com, I joined there last week in order to network with other people that care about the Earth.  They have some really good ideas on how everyone can treat our planet with a little more respect.  Here’s my own short list of baby steps;

1.  Plant a tree.

2.  Grow a garden.

3.  Take a hike in a local state forest.

4.  Go camping.

5.  Turn off your T.V. and spend some time outdoors.

6.  Buy, rent or steal a canoe and enjoy a nice journey on a local river or lake.  If you venture into the ocean, trust me and leave the canoe at home they don’t handle waves that well.

Once you have tried a few of the above steps ask yourself how you can protect your environments air, soil, and water.  If you can’t think of any ideas take a look at some of the blogs on my blogroll or some of the sites that I’ve “stumbled” at stumbleupon.com.

Charles Faust, Green Home Improvements

3 Responses to “Earth Day Extended Because I forgot”

  1. Every day should be Earth Day these days as I say. The Earth is too precious and too fragile at this point to think about it on one day only.

    Good point about the Christmas holidays…I stopped the craziness of gifts cause I don’t want to support consumerism, materialism and and anti-Earth-ism :)

  2. Tonight for supper, the wife and I are having pasta with tomato sauce from last summer’s garden. We will thicken the sauce with garden zucchini from the freezer, get some onions from cold storage and add a can of mushrooms from the supermarket. I haven’t gotten up the courage to try growing my own! Garlic powder from last years crop will add a good bit of flavor as well as a few sun-dried tomatoes if there are any left! The oregano and basil will both be of the home dried variety but the ground meat will come from the freezer, bought at the last large sale. The garlic bread will be home baked bread with garlic, basil, parmisian cheese and margarine. Since my retirement we have been able to get closer to the earth and live a more frugal and rewarding lifestyle. We sold out to the corporate world in the 60s and regret it now. Teach your children to love the earth and keep them safe from corporate slavery. Earth day is not ‘forgotten’ it is practiced with every living fiber in your body, once you have been enlightened!

  3. Uncle B, I’ll have to contact you later this summer when it comes time for me to store my garden for the winter. I am growing to much stuff so I’ll have to figure out how to can, freeze and dry store as much as I can.

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