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Gardening is Green

Written by green1 on Apr 13th, 2008 | Filed under: Gardens, Inside and Outside, General Information

Some people might ask what the heck gardening has to do with “Green Home Improvements”. I feel that in order for people to feel good about the environment they first need to like it. Once you begin to like the environment you can begin to find ways to protect it. Since most people enjoy the benefits of flowers and gardens, I feel that adding a flower or vegetable garden is a perfect “Green Home Improvement”! If you fast forward a little to the benefits that your gardens will bring you over the next 12 months you will understand why we need good air quality, good soil quality and a good environment in general.

Green Home Improvements Green Flowers

Flower gardens can add beauty to home from March when the first bulbs appear until late fall when the last flowers appear. These flowers and also be cut to add decoration to your dinner table or placed in a vase and used as a gift. Imagine the reward of growing your own flowers and then giving a sick friend or family member a nice arrangement of them? If your planning a nice dinner and you want to spruce up the table a little, some nice freshly cut flowers from your garden will save time, money and a trip to the flower store. With careful planning, flowers can add a smile to each and every day of the year.

Vegetable gardens can provide fresh vegetables for your family from late fall until your last canned jar is empty. Growing up we had a large garden and I can’t remember ever buying vegetables from the grocery store. It was equally a joy to pick fresh vegetables for dinner as it was to open a mason jar in February and enjoy our work from the summer. Imagine a Halloween with your own pumpkins and Indian corn, or the joy of drying out your own sunflower seeds? How about showing your kids how to grow cucumbers and then turning them into pickles with your own dill?

Green Home Improvements Green Gardens

By now you must be wondering how all of this gardening stuff is green. By growing your own flowers and vegetables you have these green benefits;

1. You can provide your family with organic food.

2. You can control what chemicals (hopefully none) that your family consumes when they eat vegetables.

3. You can save gas by saving a few trips to the grocery store for fresh vegetables.

4. You will begin to think about air, soil and water quality and hopefully you will want to protect your soil, air and water from pollutants.

5. The biggest green benefit is that you can use some of your yard space for a garden. Grassy lawns are far from being green since they require gas to mow and chemicals to keep them nice and green. In my opinion the only nice looking lawns are the ones that are pumped full of chemicals. How about a lawn pumped full of nice flowers and vegetables?

6. If you have kids you can teach them how a nice environment can produce beautiful flowers and great tasting vegetables.

Feel free to expand on this this by leaving a comment.

3 Responses to “Gardening is Green”

  1. I think gardening is good for the soul. I am so glad you posted about it. I have the biggest smile on my face when I am down in my garden. There is nothing better than eatting a bean straight from the vine.

    I am so jealous of your daffodil. Mine are not coming up this year. I planted them in december and january when it was not as cold in NJ. Did I plant too late?

  2. Sometimes I wish I had a greener thumb :)

  3. Anna, I missed a great picture of my Crocus bulbs in full bloom the rain beat them down last week.

    Susan, might I suggest silk plants they are always in full bloom. Since I don’t have any luck getting a second season out of orchids I bought a nice silk one.

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