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Go Green and Get Free Green Products

Written by green1 on Apr 1st, 2008 | Filed under: General Information

One of the green blogs that I visit is holding a contest and the winners receive free green products! If you are looking for a way to try out some great green products without spending any money this contest might be the perfect solution. Some of the prizes include:

I’m not going to tell you, check out the contest to see the long list!

Go Green Contest Win Free Green Products

OK, here are a few of them: Organic shaving products, steel water bottles, organic skin care products, eco-friendly clothing, natural hemp dog collars, eco-friendly footwear, green books………the list of green giveaways goes on and on. This might be the perfect time to Go Green and you might end up with some green products in the process.

If you enter the contest, I only have one rule:

If you win any solar powered products, you must forward them to me (not my contest but I create the rules on my site).

Click here to view the contest details.

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  1. Since people keep asking me where I come up with the fake newspaper clippings, I decided to give credit where credit is due:


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