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Organic Bug Repellent Review

Written by green1 on Jul 7th, 2008 | Filed under: Go Green Baby Steps

When I purchased bio-diesel soap last week I completely forgot about a little jar of organic bug repellent that we bought as well.  Since I live on a lake the bugs love to come out in the evening to feast on anyone who is not inside playing on the internet.  Needless to say, I am generally on the internet in the evening so I have not seen any mosquitoes for years.  Another factor is that I hate to use bug spray!   I don’t like the idea of putting chemicals on my body and the logic seem a little odd in my opinion.

Tonight I decided to blog from our new tree house in order to get away from the TV show that my wife is watching.  Armed with my laptop and a tall glass of water I relaxed for about 10 minutes until the sun went down.  Within seconds I was in a cloud of mosquitoes until I applied some organic bug repellent.  Well, I am still in the same cloud but now they are not biting me?

The organic bug repellent that I am trying is made with:

Shea Butter


Bees Wax

Vitamin E





My review:  Since I hate to use lotion I would give the product a thumbs down since it makes my since oily.  The product also fails in keeping the bugs away, I still have a cloud of them all around me.  Actually, some of them are landing on me and I am killing them since I do not want to risk bites.

OK, Now I’ll finish this from inside my house away from the bugs.  Now I have oily skin, an oily keyboard and mouse, and my wife is still watch the same TV show, the product failed!

4 Responses to “Organic Bug Repellent Review”

  1. Fantastic resource and article! Did you really blog from your tree house?

  2. Yes, and I am also responding now from the tree house. 20′ away from our lake is gets a nice breeze. The tree offers shade or I can sit in the sun.

    If my wife ever kicks me out I’ll have to add a roof and some plumbing.

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  4. Hmmmm that sucks that it didn’t work. I’m always tempted to try those “alternative” bug repellents when we go to our cabin in the summer but I’m scared they won’t work….so I don’t buy them. Once we’re at the cabin there’s no civilization for miles so I’d be screwed if the stuff didn’t work.

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