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Tree House - A Perfect Solution to Entertain Kids of All Ages

Written by green1 on Jun 24th, 2008 | Filed under: Decks and Decking, green projects

Over the past week I’ve been working on a tree house type of raised deck for my family.  Since my 6 year old is at a stage where she loves watching TV and playing on the computer the tree house is a way to get her out of the house to enjoy some fresh air.  You might be wondering how a tree house has anything to do with “green home improvements”?   Here are the benefits for our family so far and the tree house is not even done yet;

-No more “daddy, what’s on TV”, instead I hear “daddy can we play in the tree house”.

-No more “daddy, can I play on the computer”, instead I hear “daddy can I help you in the tree house”.

-No more “daddy, look at the the _____on the TV”, instead I hear “daddy look at the squirrels” or “daddy look at the swans”(we live on a lake).

The tree house gives our kids a reason to get out of the house and away from the TV/computer.  This saves a little electricity since we have a bunch of solar powered lights in our backyard that provide light for them to play long after dark.  The tree house provides us with a place to relax while we enjoy the fresh air with the birds, squirrels, and wildlife on our lake.

I will post some pictures once the project is completed but here are some pictures for the crowd over at Yahoo Answers.

Tree House Keeping the Joist Away From the LimbsTree House Cutting decking around a limb

Tree House During Construction

7 Responses to “Tree House - A Perfect Solution to Entertain Kids of All Ages”

  1. That’s an impressive tree house. I always wanted a tree house when I was a kid, but there were no suitable trees around. I would have been happy with a small shed, but my Dad would never let me have one. So when I start my own family, I will be having a tree house! :)

  2. One of the benefits of having kids, you can use “it’s for the kids”. Most people would give a grown man or woman a hard time if they built a tree house but it’s fine if it’s “for the kids”.

    I’ll post some more pictures if it ever stops raining here.

  3. Oh my goodness that is absolutely amazing! I could live in that never mind the kids.

    Are you going into business building tree houses?

    Yes it’s fantastic to see children away from the TV and computer. Your’e a great dad obviously. Well done!


  4. Delighted to have found you.


  5. This is one the best green info sites I have visited. Keep up the great work.

  6. This was so much fun to read. This is a great way to get my kids out of the house and having fun outdoors. Love it!


  7. Great way to find a green way to involve your family. It is so hard to get children away from the television and i remember when i was young i always wanted a tree house! Great work!

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