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Vegetable Garden in Planters

Written by green1 on Apr 20th, 2008 | Filed under: Gardens, Inside and Outside, General Information

After reading a few green blogs about gardening we are trying again this year for a vegetable garden. Last year we started a few hundred vegetable seedlings only to have them consumed by our goats a couple of days after we planted them. This year we decided to plant our vegetables in above ground planters so we can control their growing environment. In the past we used chemicals on our lawn and we do not want to risk any of the chemicals coming in contact we our food. Since we have switched over to organic fertilizers we will wait a few years before we use our own soil for gardening. Hopefully by next year we will be able to add our own compost to our potting soil.

Vegetable Garden in Planters

I got the idea of planting an above ground garden from http://blog.food2gro.com and I would recommend that you take a look at Jubie’s site since she has mastered this art. I cheated and bought my soil and my plants were already started. Before you write me off as a complete cheater, check back in a few days when I publish my article about starting our flower garden from seeds.

So far I have found these benefits:

1. You can start your garden earlier in the year. If you are expecting a frost you can bring your garden inside. Generally we do not plant anything before mother’s day and even then we risk a frost.

2. You can control you soil without risking your food to any chemicals in your yard.

3. You can move your plants so the smaller ones are not buried in the shadows of the larger plants.

4. You can move your plants in and out of the sun if you are bored.

5. You regain your yard space once your planting season is done.

3 Responses to “Vegetable Garden in Planters”

  1. I love this idea. We would love to plant our own vegetables but we are not much of gardeners with my husband, and our backyard soil is very low quality and would take a lot of work to put in proper soil, etc. But this is such a great idea and very doable for anyone really. Perhaps in the future we will invest in a few rows of veggies, for now pots sound great :)

  2. Charles,

    I’ll be back by often to see how your garden grows! Thanks for the complements on my container garden, I’m not quite a master yet! I think that’s the great thing about gardening, it’s forever a learning process!

    The veggies look like they have taken very well to their new container homes!

  3. Evita, good luck if you start a garden. I just bought two red peppers today for $4.50, now I have a new reason, to save some green $$$$.

    Jubie, I’ll try to post updates every few weeks. Everything seems to grow taller every day, it’s been a real joy!

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